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Your Comprehensive Solution for Video Production, Editing, and Distribution.
Deploy Multiple Cloud-Based Tools in Less Than 2 Minutes.

Our complete ecosystem creates a 100% cloud-based environment, ensuring Zerolatency delivery of services for your company or customers. Elevate your video experience with Zerolatency’s cutting-edge solutions.

Send your video contents live or on-demand to our infrastructure with your actual hardware or whit our complete ingest solution.

Edit and create your own graphics on our 100% cloud infrastructure, wherever and whenever you want, all you need is a good internet connection.

We can bring you a stable internet connection anywhere, anytime. Try us.

A single application where you can manage all the information. From the settings of the event to the editing and sharing  of permissions.

Delivery of content with the standard player and to have a report on the network resources that are you using in real-time. Also in Ultra Low Latency mode.

A single application where you can manage all the information. From the settings of the event to the editing and sharing  of permissions.

One Cloud Solution For Many Markets

Resell on your own infrastructure and Increase Your Return On Investment

Use our infrastructure to increase the value of your contents.

Deploy everything on the cloud and increase your efficiency.


Remote Live Events

Milano - San Remo

In bicycle racing the most important thing is to be on time, and thanks to Zerolatency Infrastructure all the broadcasters, journalists and online enthusiasts can get the live content with Zero Latency.

We managed: Remote Intenert Connection, Live Event Streaming and Web Broadcasting.

Retail Store

MST - Horse Racing Around the Globe

How fast can a horse run? We let the experts answer this question while we handle the live streaming of 60% of World Horse Racing around the globe trough our CDN and STB delivery

With this solution, everyone can create its own schedule of contents to be shown on its betting website or in betting retail store through our fast and scalable CDN.

You can also manage distribution rights and schedule as Right Holder.

Remote Connection and Video Production

RCS - Giro D'Italia from 2017 to 2023

The Giro D’Italia is a world class competition followed by people all around the world. Thanks to Zerolatency every enthusiast and professional can watch, live and love this amazing event.

We provide to RCS all the technical infrastructure and knowledge to bring the best internet connection, live streaming event and virtual mixer capabilities all around the Italy at the best, even in the worst condition you can even image.

Daily Institutional Events

Senato Della repubblica italiana Since 2005

8 live channels, more than 5000 live events every year, speech to text finest technology for every event, VOD platform 24/7, reliable infrastructure and a world class CDN for the Italian Parliament

Zerolatency is the vector of political communication in Italy since 2005. 

VOD platform

Confindustria Brescia

If your company organizes live events and wants to bring the information to the larger public possible, this is the solution for you. 

We manage the live ingest video, virtual mixer, live streaming and VOD platform even in different locations for each event.

You can also sell and manage rights to access the contents for your partners and customer, everything in a single platform: this is Zerolatency.

Zerolatency: Elevate you Streaming Experience

Welcome to Zerolatency, where the worlds of live sport production and streaming intersect to offer you the ultimate experience.

Our all-encompassing solution brings together cutting-edge technologies to transform the way you engage with sports and wager on your favourite events.

About Zerolatency

At Zerolatency, we’ve harnessed the power of innovation and integration to create a one-of-a-kind platform that caters specifically to the needs of sport. Here’s what sets us apart:


Our platform’s robust feed ingest capability ensures that you have access to a vast array of live sport events from around the world. We gather feeds from various sources, delivering an extensive selection of sporting content for your viewers.


Zerolatency’s state-of-the-art encoding and transcoding technology guarantee that your streams are optimized for superior quality and reduced bandwidth consumption. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to crystal-clear streams.


With our virtual mixer, you can effortlessly switch between camera angles, graphics, and remote feeds, enhancing the production value of your live sport broadcasts. Create dynamic and engaging content that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.


Our lite playout system simplifies content scheduling and management, ensuring that your live events are seamlessly delivered to your audience. No more worries about missed broadcasts or scheduling conflicts.


Zerolatency’s clipping feature allows you to capture and share key moments from live sport events in real-time. Engage your audience with instant highlights and create viral content to boost your brand.


The IPTV Panel streamlines content management, subscription handling, and real-time analytics. Take full control of your streaming platform with an intuitive interface that optimizes workflow efficiency.


Our streaming solution guarantees uninterrupted, high-quality streaming even during peak traffic. Say goodbye to frustrating buffering issues and hello to a seamless viewer experience.


Zerolatency’s ultra-low delay Content Delivery Network ensures minimal latency of up to 500 msec between live events and viewer screens. Engage your audience with real-time discussions, live polls, and social interactions.


We offer custom front-end app development to create a unique and branded streaming platform for your business. Stand out in the competitive sports and betting market with a tailored user experience.


Zerolatency provides in-depth analytics to help you understand viewer behavior, trends, and preferences. Make data-driven decisions to enhance your content and offerings.


Our set-top boxes (STBs) are built to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. They are ideal for retail businesses, ensuring seamless delivery of your content to customers’ screens.


STB middleware comes with a built-in Launcher, Device Set-up Wizard, OTA System (Over the Air) Updater for remote management and firmware updates of your STB device. Unicast/Multicast Media player, and a powerful set of APIs.


At Zerolatency we’re committed to revolutionizing the live sport production and streaming industry. Our integrated solution is designed to empower sport and broadcasting companies with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive landscape. Elevate your sport streaming and distribution experience with Zerolatency today and discover a new world of possibilities. Your success is our priority.

A strategic partner is defined as a partner who, due to infrastructure or business, can be considered compliant as a Zerolatency Business Accelerator.

To this entity we propose Strategic Agreement and Use Licenses.


Reseller is defined as an entity that proposes to promote Zerolatency solution system by undertaking a stable relationship and which manages the relationship with its customers on its own.

To this entity we propose Users licenses, P.a.a.s, S.a.a.s.


A recurring customer is defined as a customer contracted directly to Zerolatency or associated companies who uses Zerolatency on an ongoing basis.

To this entity we propose P.a.a.s, S.a.a.s


One-shot customer is defined as a customer who uses the services of Zerolatency or related companies occasionally for an event.

To this entity we propose P.a.a.s, S.a.a.s


Tester is defined as the customer who uses the Zerolatency services free of charge, to verify the platform but who cannot use the platform for resale of services.

To this entity we propose P.a.a.s, S.a.a.s


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Zerolatency offers different kinds of relationships according to your business and needs. Discover yours!

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For Telecom operators and Cloud providers making the most of network infrastructures through the creation of value of video content delivery services, for cloud providers to offer value services with great solution scaling capacity, with a procedure for expanding the resources using pre-set and pre-optimiSed with certain costs.


Manage, optimise and simplify processes by shortening the production workflow through the use of the internet and the potential of the cloud.


Now...being a strategic partner is defined as a partner that for infrastructure or business use, can be considered compliant to Zerolatency and business accelerator.

Our Vision

Zerolatency wants to create new collaboration and business opportunities for customers and partners.

Zerolatency as a service

Zerolatency is the perfect service for Sport retail, Broadcasters and Services who want to bring video production and content quality to the next level.
Ready to use for your next live event.

Zerolatency License Reseller

Give your customers an incredible experience and add value to your existing network. 
Great for Telecom Operator and Right Holder, deploy Zerolatency on your infrastructure and start helping your customers to have an incredible brand new service.

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